Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Here's to New Friends"

I am just so excited I had to spread the news !!!! Yay I just made some new friends on facebook and might even make one close to home. Thank you ladies for joining my blog today. It means the world to me, that I can share a pc of me with you. I feel inspired now to post up my projects. I promise to post them this week. I made a very cute get well soon card for my SIL using a Digi stamp, First time too. I need to first check where I got it so I can give the credit where its due. I also just whipped up a small 41/4 by 41/4 card out of some scraps I had. I cant wait.

Thanks again Ladies for making my day !


  1. Welcome!! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects :)

  2. OK I am now a follower my blog is

  3. Hi there Liset now following!!!
    X's Alee'